City Halls Area

This communication channel is exclusive to city halls, it is intended to receive management demands that focus on the expansion of business activity in the municipalities, and, equally, to enable the registration of areas, lots and industrial warehouses to be included in the industrial property bank. of CODIN aiming to be offered to companies that analyze the possibility of installing or expanding the activity in the region where the municipality is located.


It is important to note that the registration of industrial areas and warehouses does not create any obligation on the part of CODIN, the decision of the location option falls solely and exclusively on the company.


The Channel also allows municipalities to update strategic economic partner data, send text of municipal laws to encourage business activity and other information that demonstrates their economic potential.


In order to register the properties, the municipalities must present the information listed below.

We are a family owned and operated business.

Industrial properties will only be registered upon presentation of the following information:

Letter from the Mayor or Municipal Secretary naming the interlocutor appointed as responsible for the City Hall for dealing with CODIN.

Full name

RG identification document

City hall body


Contact phone


We are a family owned and operated business.

File upload

Thanks for sending!

  • Total area and dimensions

  • Plant

  • Description of improvements

  • Photos of the plant

  • City hall license

  • RGI

  • Location- address, geolocation in relation to the urban fabric of the municipality (google maps)

  • Inform if the property is located in the municipal industrial zone

  • Is there any legal or environmental pending issue regarding the property?

  • Factory unit price



  • Total area and dimensions

  • Plant

  • RGI

  • Lot m2 value

  • It is served by physical infrastructure such as: water, sewage, electricity, telecommunications, lighting and asphalted access.

  • Is it located in the industrial zone of the municipality?

  • In case of industrial district, inform the existing infrastructure such as: energy, water, sewage, road system.

  • Property Photos

Industrial Lot