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The Rio de Janeiro State Industrial Development Company - CODIN, created in 1967, is a joint stock company, indirectly managed by the State of Rio de Janeiro, linked to the State Secretariat for Economic Development, Energy and International Relations - SEDEERI, which aims to develop actions that make it possible to contribute to the expansion of business activity in Rio de Janeiro, in partnership with other governmental and business entities, universities and technology centers.


Through its technical team, it guides the investor in choosing the most appropriate incentive for his activity, as well as in relation to the procedures necessary to obtain it. He also acts as an interlocutor with the State Development Agency - AgeRio, which offers lines of competitive financing for working capital and long-term fixed assets, as well as with other agencies in which the project will be analyzed.


Through its business intelligence area, CODIN provides guidance to companies wishing to set up or expand their activity in the State of Rio de Janeiro, providing management information related to the various socioeconomic and logistical aspects of the regions and municipalities of Rio de Janeiro, enabling the company to select location alternative best suited to your operational, logistical and marketing needs.

Beginning in 2019, CODIN established the obligation for companies that file a letter of consultation to prove the effective implementation of a compliance program within the following deadlines:


  • annual revenue over R $ 300,000,000.00 (three hundred million reais), up to 180 days for proof;

  • annual revenues between R $ 4,800,000.00 (four million and eight hundred thousand reais), and R $ 300,000,000.00 (three hundred million reais), up to 360 days for verification.


Rio de Janeiro is the first state to make such demands. Check the full ordinance that instituted the compliance program.

Services provided

Guidance and analysis of projects that request tax and financial incentives whose technical opinion is forwarded for deliberation of CPPDE - Public Policy Commission for Economic Development of the State of Rio de Janeiro.

Offering areas in the industrial districts and municipalities of Rio de Janeiro.

Support to potential investors in their dialogue with public agencies, with the objective of facilitating the decision-making process in the implementation of new ventures.

Support to the entrepreneur to identify the best places in the state to invest, according to the needs of his activity: labor, infrastructure, logistics, availability of suppliers, consumer market, environment, among other factors.


Articulation with public and private entities relevant to the process of attracting investments and exports:


  • public institutions at the state, municipal and federal levels;

  • private institutions, such as utilities, business associations, among others.


Support the implementation of expansion of activities of small and medium enterprises.


Articulation with the municipalities aiming:


  • identify opportunities for attracting new investments;

  • train their technicians in the area of ​​regional development;

  • support in the process of implementation of industrial condominiums.

Rio de Janeiro State Development Ecosystem

Ethics Channel

In order to broaden our commitment to transparency, the CODIN Ethics Channel is a safe and effective communication vehicle, available to the citizen, where it is possible to make complaints and denunciations about conduct considered unethical or in violation of the principles. and standards guiding the conduct of CODIN employees and / or current legislation.

All reports and complaints received are treated confidentially and guaranteed by anonymity by our Ethics Committee. This independent, confidential and impartial tool aims to minimize behavior that could compromise the reputation of all sectors of the company, and is available to CODIN's external and internal audiences through telephone, cash and e-mail.

If you would like to send compliments, complaints, requests or suggestions, please also use our "contact us" channel.