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The Industrial Development Company of the State of Rio de Janeiro – CODIN was created in 1967 and is an anonymous mixed-economy company with indirect management of the State of Rio de Janeiro. The company is linked to the State Secretary for Economic Development, Employment and International Relations – SEDEERI and aims to develop actions that contribute to the expansion of business activity in Rio de Janeiro in partnership with other governmental and business entities, universities and technology centres.

Through its technical team, CODIN guides the investor when choosing the most appropriate incentive for his activity. As well as this, CODIN provides consultation in dealing with the procedures necessary to obtain these incentives and may act as a spokesperson for the investor with the State Promotion Agency – AgeRio which offers the most competitive lines of finance for working capital and fixed long-standing assets. CODIN will also work with the investor in dealing with other organizations that will analyse the project.

Through its business intelligence area, CODIN provides guidance to companies wishing to install or expand their activity in the state of Rio de Janeiro. We provide management information regarding the various socio-economic and logistical aspects of several regions and municipalities in Rio de Janeiro. The company is then able to select the rental alternative best suited to its operational, logistics and market needs.

In 2019, Codin required companies submit a consultancy letter that proves the effective implementation of a compliance policy within the following terms.

Companies with revenues above R$ 300 million within 180 days.

Annual revenues between R$ 4.8 million and R$ 300 million, with in one year.

Rio de Janeiro is the first state to make this kind of requirement. Verify in full the city ordinance that instituted this compliance program.

Mission, vision and values 

Missão, Visão e Valores



Promote the economic and social development of the state and municipalities of Rio de Janeiro, in partnership and alignment with public entities and the business sector, through:

  • Attracting and expanding investments;

  • Offering business location alternatives;

  • Solution of tax and financial incentives; and

  • Contribution to the formulation of public economic development policies.



To be recognized as an important agent in the economic development policy of the state of Rio de Janeiro, focusing on the generation of jobs, income and reduction of inter-regional socioeconomic gaps. 


  • Continuous improvement of employees;

  • Transparency and publicity of decisions that must be based on technical and ethical criteria;

  • Customer focus: companies and municipalities;

  • I respect diversity of opinion, creed and sexuality;

  • Social and Environmental Responsibility.

Faixa de Título

Services provided

Orientation and analysis of projects that require tax and financial incentives with the technical opinion forwarded for deliberation by CCPDE - Commision for Public Policy for the Economic Development of the State of Rio de Janeiro;

Offer of areas in districts and industrial zones located in the municipalities of Rio de Janeiro; 


Support potential investors in their negotiations with public agencies with the objective of facilitating the decision-making process and implementation of new ventures; 

Support to the entrepreneur in identifying the best places in the state to invest, according to the needs of his activity: availability of labour and suppliers, infrastructure, logistics, consumer market, environment, among other factors; 


Discussion with public and private entities with a view to attracting investments and increasing exports:


  • Public institutions at the state, municipal and federal levels;

  • Private institutions, such as public service utilities, business associations among others. 


Support in the installation and expansion of small and medium-sized enterprises; 


Discussions with municipalities that aim to:


  • Identify opportunities that attract new investments;

  • Train your technicians in the area of regional development;

  • Support in the process of implementing industrial condominiums.

Faixa de Título

Ecosystem for Development of the State of Rio de Janeiro  

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