A site is considered ideal for economic activity when it offers the investor’s company most of the determining factors for competitiveness, such as:


Located within the largest consumer market in the country;

Offers skilled labour;

Has a diversified business park;

Provides a wide network of services with good hotel structure and exhibition centres;

Has a diversified technology park and technical quality and network of university education;

Offers good logistics for rail and road transportation, 12 airports and 7 ports;

Whatever the region you choose, the project will be less than 250 km from the nearest port or airport;

Has quality physical infrastructure, offering energy options - gas and electricity;

Hosts relevant companies in their sectors, such as Petrobras, BR Distribuidora, Vale, Embratel, Bradesco Seguro, COSAN, BNDES, Sistema Globo and Reinsurance Institute de of Brazil (IRB).

"The State of Rio de Janeiro offers all the items mentioned above"


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Most oil and gas deposits are located on the coast of the State of Rio de Janeiro


Most oil and gas deposits are located on the coast of the state of Rio de Janeiro. The two areas auctioned off most recently were Atapu and Buzios. They will demand $29 billion in investments, generating hundreds of opportunities in industry and services areas . Don't stay out of this. Coming to Rio is good business.

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