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The State of Rio de Janeiro offers most of the factors of production demanded by companies to develop their activities, such as strategic location in relation to suppliers, service providers and the largest consumer market in the country, which is the quadrangle located within 500 km. formed by São Paulo, Minas Gerais, Espirito Santo and Rio de Janeiro, region that accounts for 55% of the country's GDP.


To access national and international markets, the State of Rio de Janeiro offers companies a large logistics structure consisting of 14 federal highways, complemented by dozens of state highways: they cut the state in longitudinal and transverse directions, creating logistics corridors integrated with its 11 airports - two international, four domestic and five regional and 7 ports located along the 635 kilometers of its coast, allowing the state to connect to the main producing areas of the country and the international market.



Other relevant factors of production, such as representative economic activity in the areas of tourism, culture, commerce, industry and services, are added to the aspects considered. supply of skilled labor; dozens of professionalization centers distributed throughout the regions; the excellence of its technology parks and research centers and the high standard of quality of life attested by its HDI Human Development Index, one of the largest in the country.


Data published by CONFAZ Council of Finance Policy show that the interstate trade balance of the State of Rio de Janeiro presented a deficit of R $ 65 billion in 2017: this figure highlights the business potential offered by the Rio de Janeiro domestic market. The companies located in Rio de Janeiro are not close to the market but within it, giving them high competitiveness in relation to suppliers located in more distant regions.


In this sense, Codin is at the disposal of companies to guide them regarding the various aspects for the implementation of projects in the state of Rio de Janeiro, as well as assisting, through its business intelligence service, in defining the best location alternatives, taking into based on the operational characteristics and main demands of its productive activities.



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