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The state that has Rio in its name offers a ocean of opportunities in tourism, services, logistics, IT, metalmechanical and automotive industries, clothing, shipbuilding, and petroleum and gas.



Why Invest in the State of Rio de Janeiro?

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Dynamic Economy

The economic activity of the State of Rio de Janeiro is characterized by the diversification of its business activity which is composed of more than 275,000 companies that generate 4 million direct jobs. The service area consists of another 140,000 companies and 1.85 million professionals and is the largest amongst the various sectors of activities providing administrative, managerial and financial support to companies installed in the state.

The State of Rio de Janeiro holds first position in the flow of foreign tourists visiting Brazil, besides having the second largest industrial park.

A survey conducted in 2018 by the Financial Times through FDI ntelligence, placed the City of Rio de Janeiro in 5th place in the world ranking of capitals in which the companies already installed considered it more advantageous to reapply resources in the city itself than to invest in other locations. It was the only capital in Latin America to be included in the ranking.

Gross Domestic Product of R$ 660 billion.


Second highest GDP in Brazil, higher than in Ecuador and Uruguay.


Regional consumer market - São Paulo, Minas Gerais and Espírito Santo - 64% of the country.


It has 72% of national oil production and 42% of Brazilian natural gas production.


2nd largest technology park in Brazil.


Its steel park, automotive drugs, hygiene products, cement, perfumery and confection have high relevance in the national market.

Offering a wide range of venues - convention center, theaters and hotels - for trade fairs, congresses and large shows, the Riocentro, for example, offers an area

for holding 105.000m2 fairs spread over 5 pavilions.

It has one of the main cultural centers,

of design and communication of the country.


Representative and diversified services sector in the areas of commerce, information technology, film and video, finance and tourism.

Conexão Global

The state of Rio de Janeiro has a modal network of 6,000 km of highways, 1,200 km of railways, 7 ports, 11 international, domestic and regional airports. These figures take on a larger dimension when  this logistics structure is located in one of the smallest states in the country.

Quality of life

Qualidade de Vida

In addition to presenting advantages for companies, the state of Rio de Janeiro is also an ideal place for housing their employees. The region is characterized by the diversity of climate and biomes which are composed of beaches, mountainous regions, lakes, waterfalls, rivers and forests. Add to this varied cultural attractions and diversified gastronomy. Worth noting here is that all these attractions are set in one of the smallest states in the country.

This scenario provides for innumerous sporting activities, such as cycling, trekking, sailing, canoeing, mountaineering, diving, surfing. Or you might just want to enjoy these natural attractions with the family accomodated in one of the 93,000 rooms on offer in the many hotel chains.